Friday, 31 May 2013

Updating InfusionSoft Custom Fields

This is a quick post, and I'm writing it mainly because I wasted a lot of time trying to programatically update custom fields in Infusionsoft. So here goes, if you need to update a custom field you need to know the id of the field and the new value:

 updateCustomField($fieldId, $fieldValues)  

You can find the id of the field by going to Admin -> Settings -> Set up custom fields for -> Go and when you hover the field you are interested into you will see the id.
Getting the value is more tricky. What works on any type of field is setting a value manually and then querying DataFormField for the value like this:
 $returnFields = array('DataType', 'Id', 'FormId', 'GroupId', 'Name', 'Label', 'DefaultValue', 'Values', 'ListRows');   
 $query = array('Id' => custom_field_id);   
 $res = $sdk->dsQuery("DataFormField", 10, 0, $query, $returnFields);   
In the result above, have a look at the "Values" field, this is how it should look like.
So to conclude, if you need to update a listbox custom field, this will do it: 

 $values = array(  
     'Values' => "\naaa\nbbb\nddd"  
 $result = $sdk->updateCustomField(custom_field_id, $values);  

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